flower and the king pic

“Forget days so long ago past,
remember no more, things of old.
Rise and blossom, little flower,
for I am doing a new thing in you.
Now it springs forth as a bud
opening to the light of dawn.”

O Lord, King of Mercy unfathomable,
I do not feel like a flower, but more
as a helpless leaf blowing in the wind.
Carried here and there, buffeted ever
on swift breezes of sorrow and tears.

“You are not a leaf blowing in the wind.
You are like a flower with its buds tightly closed,
but inside the seed of faith waits to burst forth.

King of Mercy, I trust in You. Help me to trust more.
Pour down the sweet dew of Your graces upon
this little flower, and the seed of faith You have
planted in me, may grow into a beautiful garden.
So that all who see me, may see You in me.

“Soon you will blossom, your petals reaching to the sky,
to the sun, to receive the warmth of My Love for you.
But remember little one, a seed cannot plant itself,
nor can a flower call down nourishing rains from heaven.”

If you see me Lord, as a little flower, then perhaps
it would be better were I uprooted and separated from
the choking weeds of this worldly garden of toil.
Would I then, O Lord, grow as you would wish?

“Be content to bloom where you have been planted.
In time, according to my will and purpose for you,
I will send down abundant showers of Mercy until
you have grown tall and strong in your faith.”

“The seed ground I have planted you in is prayer.
Be patient then, and one day all of your prayers
will become a plush beautiful garden, pleasing to Me.”

So be it, King of all Mercy, just as You have said.


(c) 2017 Richard Keith Carlton


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