We stand on the wall, wounded sentries,
on the wall between heaven and earth.
Stand in the gap, watching ever, praying
for those near and far, loved ones, and friends,
too busy in their lives to know concern for
the state of their souls. In silent vigil at times,
and at others, pleading in desperate voices
to the far gates of heaven.

We are many, and diverse in our states of life.
Some have not fared well in life’s journey—
failures in the blind eyed standards of this world.
Which sees only the now, with little or no thought
of eternal things, those things of God and of soul.
Whether old and young, rich or poor, healthy, or
infirmed, joyous or broken, we stand on the wall.
Gazing across pale, blighted fields of earth,
into the deep blue skies of eternity.

We rise at dawn, donning the armor of God,
light candles in darkened rooms, smoke trails
rising upward, as incense of ancient days, sweet
aromas of praise and supplication to the Holy One.
And through all hours, whether of faith or of doubt,
pray for those hearts dear to us, for the world, and
for those who have passed from these mortal plains,
and suffer for a while in valleys of necessary purging.

Out of the depths we cry to you, O Lord! Cry for mercy—
sentinels of the dawn, we cry to you Lord. Not for our
own welfare, but for those we love, for those who have
forsaken or forgotten you, those who have rejected you,
those who have offended you, those who despise you.
O gracious and merciful God, hear our voices and give
ear to the appeals of your wounded servants—
soldiers in the rain, standing firm, ever vigilant.
Watchers on the wall, between heaven and earth!


© Richard Keith Carlton


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