I am no longer interested in the dance of earth.
Let the sky and trees take my place, and dance merrily
with scattered stones caked with moss, in blissful folly.
This aging pilgrim has at last set his heart and mind
on things of God, of that glory awaiting beyond the
fickle clouds which change from gray to blue and back again.
Long did I dance in fields littered with vain glorious stones—
with lighthearted and careless creatures without concern.
Until my body, tired and weary, fell upon the ground of
consequence and necessary retribution.

How can I dance now? How can I play earth’s fool
when the songs filling my heart inspire me to dance
in the court of angels and saints? I would rather play the
jester in that court, than play the fool in the dark and cold
court of humanity. I shall not perform for shallow hearts,
but offer the songs of my life, of my spirit and my soul to
the King and Queen of hearts! For even in that mystical court
of beauty and goodness, the jester is hailed as a prince.
May the dance of earth continue without me. I have chosen
to close my ears to the tuneless melodies of humanity.


© 2017 Richard Keith Carlton


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