thin curtain

There is a curtain, a thin shroud like cloth, between
the glories of heaven and the toils of earth.
It is a scant divider, yet as thick as a dense forest
to our limited visions of the here and beyond.
The other side of the curtain, the realm of supernatural,
seems such a mystery to us who wander a brief time
on natural plains of flesh and blood, who like passing
shadows dart here and there across the brick walls of
our three dimensional perceptions of life’s realities—
believing and accepting only what can be seen or touched.

Sadly, we refuse to see the fragile thread of mortality given us.
Which can be easily snatched away in the blink of an eye.
We walk in blind denial, that it is only a matter of time
before we depart the natural world for the supernatural—
before we pass through a thin curtain between time and eternity.
But pass through we shall, each of us, in a designated hour.
And no matter our beliefs, or denials of a life beyond this,
one day, for better or worse, we will pass through that thin
curtain, where the natural becomes the supernatural.


© Richard Keith Carlton


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