I have been a wayward waif of wandering
for too many days and too many nights—
knowing the way, too cowardly to follow.
A part of this world, as much as an old
willow standing in a field, or an ancient
stone lying hidden in weeds along a path.

And yet, not a part, pieces of me longing
to see the far reaching horizons of eternity.
Ready for the final adventure, the last journey
of a soul in conflict, weary from the battles.
Wanting to rest in mystical meadows where
wildflowers stand tall beside the lilies.

To be separate, away from the madness of
a world of godlessness, a world shining with
false lights of vanity, and fleeting dreams of
passing desires, and to walk in a true Light,
where no shadows may prevail, a Light of hope.
Where angels sing endless praises to the Almighty.

I long to walk with the Saints who have gone
before, those stalwart sentries of faith and valor—
the martyrs, no longer stained in blood, but clothed
in white shining garments of everlasting obedience,
wearing golden, gem-studded crowns of triumph!
O Lord, though I be awhile in this faithless world…

may I ever strive to separate myself from it!


© 2018 Richard Keith Carlton


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